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Apply The Latest Digital Pharma Insights From 34 Pharma Brands Including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck & More On 26th January 2022...

New & Innovative Strategies To Power Digital Advances & Post-Pandemic Visions: Customer-Centric, Pioneering Omni-Channel Digital Pharma Marketing Strategies. Power Patient Participation & Deliver Ultimate HCP Engagement In The Post-Pandemic World – Optimise Omni-Channel & Score Impressive Customer Engagement – Drive Digital Innovation & Tech Adoption – Uncover Critical Insights From Data & Compliance & Measure Digital ROI.

A Brand-Led, One-Day, Virtual Conference & Networking Event, 26th January 2022

34 Pharma Brand Speakers Share Unmissable Insights & Post-Pandemic Lessons Learned To Power Patient Participation & HCP Engagement, Optimise Omni-Channel, Score Impressive Customer Engagement, Drive Digital Innovation & Tech Adoption & Maximise Data & Insights To Deliver Tangible Results

  1. Pharma’s Pioneering Digital Advances & Post-Pandemic Visions: Uncover the latest digital opportunities to thrive in the digital-first world and uncover critical lessons learned
  2. Optimise Patient Engagement & Participation: Leverage digital channels, platforms and comms to improve end-to-end patient experiences and drive better outcomes
  3. Seamless & Integrated Omni-Channel Success: Determine the right mix of channels for your multi-channel strategies to deliver exceptional experiences
  4. Deliver Ultimate HCP Engagement: Actionable insights to drive personalised digital HCP journeys and achieve enhanced engagement
  5. Brand New, Targeted & Impressive Customer Engagement Strategies: New channels and platforms to engage customers virtually with best-practice tips, tools and learnings
  6. Digital Innovation, AI, Tech Adoption & Seamless Implementation: How can digital and tech effectively and actively support the pharma marketing and wider commercial functions?
  7. Unlock The Power Of Data & Insights: Streamline real-world data and generate meaningful insights to drive healthcare improvements
  8. First-Hand Regulatory, Legal & Compliance Insights: Create digital strategies confidently within the code of compliance by unpicking the boundaries and complexities
  9. Measure Digital Success, Prove ROI: Metrics and measurement tools to demonstrate the impact of your digital efforts to validate long-term investment

PLUS! What's New At The Digital Pharma Advances Conference?

  • 34 Pharma Pioneers Share Unmissable Insights & Learnings
  • 97% Average Satisfaction Rate
  • 4 Panel Discussions: 1) Digital Innovation & Tech Adoption 2) Omni-Channel Success 3) Customer Engagement 4) Regulation, Legal & Compliance
  • 10 Years Leading The Market
  • 15 International Perspectives!

11 Years Of Market-Leading Events & 100% Satisfaction Rating At Our Most Recent Conferences...
Past Delegates Say It The Best:

'A great day for collaboration and learning. Challenging and inspiring'

'High-energy, packed agenda, delivering some really interesting insights'

'Great event to network and share inside stories and challenges with like-minded people.'


Inspiring Speakers - Listen to market-leading, brand-side speakers as they share their hard-won insights and experiences with hot topic presentations and panels


Connect & Network - Networking is easy with the use of our discussion board, direct messaging facility, meeting request buttons, live polling and social media feed. Have your say and meet the other attendees


Live Chat - Pose your own questions and comment via the live chat function and interact with other delegates and speakers in real time


Virtual Roundtables & Peer Discussions - There will be breakout discussions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience


Virtual Exhibition - Explore the 'virtual exhibition stands' and speak directly to our carefully-chosen exhibitors to help you tackle your business challenges directly


Virtual Face-To-Face Meetings - Start a conversation with fellow delegates or exhibitors and discuss your individual needs and challenges one-to-one

It’s Easy! All you need is good internet access and a password which we will provide. Presentations and panels are live, and you can type in questions, take part in live polling and also comment on the social feed. For any breakout discussions, it’s just a normal zoom call. You can also direct message or request a meeting with attendees. Sessions will be recorded and will be available as on-demand content after the event.

20 PHARMA BRAND SPEAKERS, 1 DAY: AI & Machine Learning • Automation & Robotics • Data & Analytics • Culture Change & Leadership Buy-In • Patient-Centric Innovation • Digital Health • End-To-End Transformation Journey • Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 • Digital Clinical Trials • Omni-Channel Customer & Stakeholder Engagement

Power Digital Transformation Momentum In Pharma For Better Customer Outcomes: Driving Digital Transformation, Innovation & Automation Across The Pharma Value Chain

Reimagine The Pharma Industry With A Focus On: AI & Automation ✓ Data ✓ Culture Change ✓ Manufacturing ✓ Clinical Trials ✓ Digital Health ✓ Omni-Channel ✓ Processes ✓ Regulation. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 25th November 2021, Virtually

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