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Overcome Tech, Customer, Data, People & Process Hurdles To Drive New Digital Transformation, Innovations & Automation Across The Pharma Business. 21 Brands Speaking In 1 Day!

Accelerate Innovation & Achieve Tangible Results With AI, ML & Automation, Fit-For-Future Data & Analytics Strategies & Customer-First Approaches Which Secure Leadership & Business Backing

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 24th November 2022, The Cavendish Conference Centre, London. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3. No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.


8.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks



Nitheen Kaperi, Sanyal Head of Digitalisation & Transformation, Merck Life Science



Mark Milton-Edwards, Head of Health Solutions - Digital Health, Teva Pharmaceuticals


09.10 Advance Use Of AI & Machine Learning Which Embed Automation Into The Digital Ecosystem & Deliver Tangible Business Results

  • Concrete use case study showing how we in a Pharma context link AI, ML and new technologies back to real tangible improvements in the business and ensure it is all tied into the digital ecosystem
  • Assess the challenges of using ML for critical data and processes in a Regulated industry like Pharma
  • Strategically translate lessons learnt from functions where AI, ML and automation are established to other areas of business for faster implementation and implantation
  • Build robust arguments to secure investment for AI, ML and automation in historically overlooked business functions



Carsten Lutzhøft, Senior Director, Process Digitalisation, Technology Enablement Center, Novo Nordisk

Automation & Robotics - Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.30 Lessons Learnt, Best-Practice & The Future: Overcome Barriers To Automation To Improve Digital, Process & Operational Efficiencies Throughout The Business

  • Fear, risk aversity, cost… how can we break down the most frequent barriers to digitalisation, automation and robotics in the business?
  • Flawless AI, ML and robotics require flawless data – what can you do to get your data into good shape?
  • How can we guarantee watertight compliance and ethics when introducing automation into a heavily regulated environment?
  • Leverage digital solutions to automate process thinking and drive improvements, how can you work in partnership with tech providers to better understand and address the problem?
  • How do you see the application of AI and ML evolving as we learn more and more from our data and drive improvements forwards?
  • How can we spot new automation opportunities within the business and ensure investment and backing?



Zayd Rasool, Director- Data Analytics, Automation & Governance, GSK

Data & Analytics

10.00 Improve Data Management To Enhance Visibility & Analysis & Inform Business, Digital, Commercial & Customer Strategies With Accurate, Data-Led & Performance-Boosting Insights

  • Enhance visibility: how can we ensure quality data management, integration and processing across departments, to be able to fuel digital transformation with accurate, data-led insights which we know will deliver improvements?
  • Practical steps to leverage company, customer and commercial data to really understand, influence and drive business and digital change where it is most urgent and impactful
  • Proactive not reactive! Lessons learnt from data usage to anticipate future and ongoing transformation needs before the need for action becomes detrimental to the business
  • How can we continue becoming more sophisticated with our data and analytics strategies in the face of increasing complexity of international data regulation?
  • Transform the business to become a data-driven organisation: evidence the value data brings to shift from a commercial-first to a data-first model for smarter, insight-led decision making and better business outcomes



Ash Aggarwal, Senior Director, Compliance Excellence & Transformation, Astellas

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Data Science Platform Strategy Case Study

11.20 Data Science Platform Strategy Case Study



Dr. Stefan Schmitz, Lead Product Owner Data Science Platform, Bayer

End-To-End Pharma Digital Transformation 1

11.40 From Concept To Delivery & Beyond: Our Journey & Lessons Learnt From Digital Transformation Delivery Within The Pharma Business

  • With the increasing push towards digitalisation in historically analogue companies… how did you go about prioritising and selecting the areas most in need of transformation?
  • It’s not always smooth sailing! What were the main barriers you found along the way – and to what extent did it change the delivery process?
  • Lessons learnt: looking at the results, what are you most proud of and where are the opportunities to drive improvements and increase speed and agility when delivering future digital transformation in the business?



Christian Hein, Global Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation Execution, VP, Novartis

End-To-End Pharma Digital Transformation 2

12.00 End-To-End Pharma Digital Transformation



Oksana Andreiuk, Digital & Data Innovation Lead, Abbvie


12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

Informal Breakout Discussions

13.00 Breakout Discussions: 

  • Data Protection
  • Process Improvement & Industry 4.0
  • RWE
  • Patient Engagement
  • Digital Labs
  • Marketing Automation

13.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks



Dr. Antonia Solomon, Head of Medical Innovation & Information, MSD UK



Brian Kudeba, VP, IT Strategy & Transformation, Ipsen

Omni-Channel Customer & Stakeholder Engagement Panel Discussion

13.40 As The World Pushes Towards Digital, Design True Omni-Channel Customer & Stakeholder Strategies Which Maintain Human Engagement & Deliver Smart Digital Solutions Which Reflect Customer Needs

  • Respond to the accelerated the need for digital transformation by designing robust omni-channel journeys, solutions and support around customer and stakeholder needs
  • Virtual, hybrid, digital… balance the need for human interaction and historic face-to-face interactivity with the convenience of digital communications for high levels of customer engagement – anytime, anyplace!
  • People change! As new demographics enter the customer and employment market and the proportion of digital natives increases, ensure pharma business operations keep pace with new digital expectations and instantaneous results
  • As customer engagement increasingly shifts online, how can we be more sophisticated with our data to refine, segment and personalise communications and approaches?
  • Ensure you don’t over-engineer the customer experience with too much technology for truly customer-centric omni-channel experiences



Benjamin Head, Head of Digital Customer Engagement & Innovation, Novartis



Alexandru Popa, Associate Director | Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain, MSD



Hilary Baseley, Head of Commercial Excellence, UKINOR, Grünenthal Group



Tiana Homsani, Global Head Marketing Excellence, Abbott



Patient-Centric Innovation

14.10 Don’t Overlook Patient Needs During Digital Transformation Design & Delivery! Ensure Patient Centricity In Transformation Initiatives For Better Services, Customer Operations & Outcomes

  • With the increase in digital treatments, support, apps, therapeutics and more, how can we ensure that our digital strategies truly deliver what patients need and support patients through the transformation as more services pivot online?
  • Gain patient trust to consent to data sharing to leverage more useful insights and design and develop better, patient-led digital innovation
  • Patient needs first: steps to embed the patient voice into early decision making and design for new innovations and transformation processes really incorporate the patient needs
  • Can we directly correlate internal digital transformation with better customer operations and patient outcomes?



Mark Milton-Edwards, Head of Health Solutions – Digital Health, Teva Pharmaceuticals

End-To-End Pharma Digital Transformation 3




Magnus Jörntén-Karlsson, Executive Product Director, Digital Health R&D, AstraZeneca

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Digital Health Double Perspective

Digital Twins, Therapeutics, Wearables, Precision Medicine, RWE… Embrace & Embed New Digital Health Innovations To Enrich Patient Outcomes & Experiences

  • In a world where precision medicine still feels like science fiction to many, how can we use RWE, algorithms and AI to build a value proposition for investment and a roadmap towards successful business models?
  • Not just ‘nice to have’… justify the investment in digital health by evidencing both patient and business outcomes
  • The importance of partnerships to win the space: what does it take for pharma to get digital solutions in the market?



15.50   Dr. Ashutosh Malhotra, Digital Business Development & Innovation Scouting Manager Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH 



16.10   Nadeem Sarwar, Global Head, Genomic Strategies & Global Head, Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Strategies, Eisai EMEA

Culture Change & Leadership Buy-In Panel Discussion

16.30 Create Convincing Business Cases For Change Which Win Over Risk-Averse Colleagues & Secure Backing From Leaders To Ensure Effective Digital Transformation Implementation

  • Money talks: what arguments, evidence and communication methods are most effective in securing investment and leadership support for the acceleration and adoption of digital?
  • What works? Create compelling business cases for change which reduce fear and resistance to new digital transformation initiatives throughout the business
  • You’ve got an idea off the ground, now how do you embed it into day-to-day business operations? Ensure innovations fit with commercial business models and company culture to ensure scalability and long-term success
  • Regulations, siloed working, fear, risk aversion… what are the specific factors that make the pharma industry particularly resistance to digital innovation and how can we overcome them?



Zayd Rasool, Director- Data Analytics, Automation & Governance, GSK



Anneleen Vyncke, Digital Care Transformation Project Lead, UCB



Alexandru Popa, Associate Director | Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain, MSD



Brian Kudeba, VP, IT Strategy & Transformation, Ipsen



Thomas Hummel, Head of Digital Transformation, Fresenius Kabi



Jörg Corsten, Senior Digital Transformation & Innovation Director, Roche 



Liana Lubel, Global Head of Strategic Insights, Abbott

17.00 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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