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About Finworks - At Finworks, we believe we can do extraordinary things with data. Fincore is a UK SME which supplies SaaS-based software related services. Finworks is a division of Fincore Ltd, providing the company’s data and workflow platform services and related support.  We deliver enterprise-grade platforms and services to transform the way organisations work.  We serve a diverse client base in industries including central banking, government, aerospace and healthcare.

Our Solutions

Finworks Data

Finworks Data Fabric is a data management solution which allows our customers, including central banks, government organisations and multinational companies to gain competitive advantage and realise value from managed big data. We help resolve operational problems, by ingesting, monitoring and interrogating complex data sets, empowering management to make the right decisions and take action.

Finworks Workflow

Finworks Workflow is a secure and structured low code solution. The platform facilitates safe collaboration, task prioritisation, case and document management, reporting and advanced data handling. It delivers a substantial acceleration of operational processes but also significant cost reductions through automation.

Company Vision

Our software and our team have been proven in situations of intense commercial and reputational pressure. We offer exceptional depth of expertise and experience which bring significant value to our customers. A collaborative culture is at the heart of our business, and we seek to develop and strengthen partnerships for the long term with our customers, partners and internal team.

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